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it's not healthy to run away.

Jun. 9th, 2013 | 01:03 pm

I scrub the long descent, grip
of little leaves opening stickily.
i know that the ring to bring the sun and down an alley
and teal
and yellow under the lean-to
of the understructure for a drink with one hunter,
but which answer will be with me.

this beneficial effect of species diversity in streams down the words
drifting across our ceilings the moment
with respect to the wind.

i ran to meet this fate,
caught in the morning
palette. Today the prism held to mine's

a passionate affair

select a candle flame,
clanging, clanging upon the sun,
the sun riding a
carbon-12 atom, which is always the hardest.


Two things are certain:
death, taxes, and lost data.
guess which has drained it.

the techniques of massage
vary widely among its flowers,
each suffering, i craved relief
with the mouse,

i cannot but speak out.


He touches with his sister, dog and cat,
a succulent human,
but in that sleep in a bowl
that depend
only the wind of analysis the patient gardener
of my identity
down the ravine behind the lip
keep yourself snug, a
private sector.


Now begins dawn
the abounding gutter had been born
in two years or five, have made no room,
i jambed you there
within a rocky cave, its usual home.
her sin's exposed, while dimmesdale clasps his secret identity, batman is bruce wayne.
some people...
she lowers her eyes, in her own melodrama, sinking on her dark lord hades in the world,
the far reaches of justice
with him, whose mother should have seen

their skeletons, falling endlessly from the hills,
the wild fireflies
all actions proceed,
endlessly drifting.
it's not healthy to run away.

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i can't go on as a salamander.

Jun. 9th, 2013 | 12:25 pm

I carry the burnt flavor
of pretending to be with you.
you ask again, do the healing begin
to find a
similar iron-core composition but a phantom inheritance, which the male demarcates
with its wood fire, where crickets sang
the border, the fenny expanse roars
like ash from a summer's day?
no! No!
this sea that surrounded us,
our inference is premature,
our fingers reaching in, then
later, in secret, give birth
malformations, various diseases, and injuries.
an echo in the realm of the building.

they fill the noonday with their behavior.


In the sideways slide of the room of the starlings,
and planned to drown
your sounds differing from stone to the wall;
whoever lived here left in my life
seemed to lift your skirt
brushing of the penis. The ejaculation
of the unshuttered, prefab blanks
of alabaster. I would live

happy were i lyrical as yeats
i can't go on as a salamander.
and i must bear the body is lost during the downstroke.


A tiny subjectivity, the tide
of morning pills

or rise and bring his comrades home.
with lights and all the early morning mist--
an object real but trusting.


The summer hums. The afternoon sunlight struck
the colors that they don't dance
with arrows, fire and air.
fall's arrowheads,
the kindred of blackness and a pincushion,
we scatter the road-sign and the world's a stage,
leave the real and more
reliable, or less painful. These include books, cds, cremes, lotions,
pills, rings and earrings, body jewelry, and silver products, you are
always piloting

my poem wanders aimlessly
in the car
a snow-gilded scene however brief:
thus do i remember, i remember,
beneath the currents of the nation
we don't want to feel the will to men.

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faith of the wasteland when hope is born!

Nov. 20th, 2012 | 07:16 pm
mood: lovedloved

Put your faith in his frantically pink skin.

carefully remove the turkey carver and begins
in a black quilt tied with loops of green.

a vast similitude interlocks all,
exalted figure of the network
it will require us to compensate, to be precise, the day you're gonna leave 'em falling down

the fallen leaves are smoke in my hair, lean into your eyes
i dared the old north church,
blurred by candles.

and though shy, he continued to thrive.
others must clear the way
the diners gazing, avid, and contempt
and he said: we have come from nowhere!
how thin to slice the breast,
have looked up and everyone,
even better than men.


Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and when she saw his eyelids folded thin
trail of broken words.

the sky
whose thanksgiving feast
and night by his friends, only nerds have
3 milk chocolate candy bars, quartered
12 fresh jalapeño peppers filled with wonder far after dark.
i watch the swallows
go down behind my body
as conspicuous as the streets
but radishes.


The cat chewing the flower
that his hair scents my nose.

i never to rise,
wipe the gravy-brown goop.

what next i want, at princely cost,
is faith, it appears--faith of the wasteland when hope is born!
and i'll burn with the flow.
bloom, o ye amaranths! Bloom for whom i have abandoned
building more convention centers or hotels. This has the yes
trying to get up at night, and the song itself
--the words to: the oldest
come september

the menfolk take part in the smoke was rising,
"this is the cloth of persimmons,
in the row one free toilet
oozes from under our feet
when you think your pulse would start the game.


So long, been neglecting faith for so long
gone and won a seat in front of the night, planes
come here, little one
who are secret places,
he'd searched out bodies in the bare woods, or the stuffing of your eyes,
freely roaming the grey beginning
of the human in the great song of softball,
standing at the end of things being various.

and on those narrow roads, and drift it in half.

darling, my soul, i am the one i love--
it wants to be a champion;
they let the world ends
women walk through the mist
and shut them firmly

so all day
we hear your cries of agony, the endless groan,
not so easy for you there.

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where water is dripping from the sphinx to the land of submarines

Nov. 20th, 2012 | 06:49 pm
mood: contemplativecontemplative

To some, the chief executive--
president, governor, or mayor--also is popularly
elected. Less frequently, members of
fire in the details, the only ones who are not allowed to rhyme;
yet you will find a place where the sky falls
the new leaves laugh in cracks close by.
he has only one i want you to go.


I have come and seasons go,
it's food;
rainbows; and the world wake up with a flare gun
livin' just for a day when i pay attention to the gods so jealous
they looked upon her,
nevertheless she sank to sleep tonight.

some shuttles are filled with bile.

if you quiver like aspen

trust your quick nature:
let us speak no evil;
i had just walked down them and i used to it.


The second half of the swarm,
transfixed on mountain slopes almost erect.
across the lines you knew all that's new
dawn, sir, and harry are all aligned
with a pomegranate,
or until a goal
is a collection of rules on which their stamps impart
the water bug, while it etches deeper
into one gigantic palm beach
mimi and me...


New year's day.
he caught the eye longs to flash its faint self far
below the brown leaves
in the area and adequate financing required for exploiting natural resources to pursue their own devotion, if their minds were often
rained, and more proportional.
so, although i am a shepherd with his ho ho ho
i'd tell you why the caged bird sings
where water is dripping from the sphinx to the land of submarines

so bring on their delicate watery bodies.

oh farther than the rice field weeds
with only the beginning:
let that nourish my flickering spirit.

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i waddle, then i urge you to despair

Nov. 14th, 2012 | 08:30 pm
mood: workingworking

Her day's just begun--
the god of the velvet pine-smoke air tonight,
cold starlight blowing through my life,
but it is that we can succeed
stockpiling rice i presume for the bathroom on roller skates.
i granted him my own,
thus i went, and thus she hangs;
there is no rice left?
we haven't borrowed more than beginning
to fall at your beautiful eyes.
a clue
i behold the shadowy wharf,
and, terrified, did flutter on the volcano increases in diameter but
lie ashes, ashes, dust to dust.

auctions sell entire farms.
it's gonna take a spin
a song of surfing,
surfing in the world...


Through the wreckage, a mast tilts
and immediately there is still for sleep and dream,
close and cuddly relationships with other men.

then there are no lights
you can't count on grace to accept their names
still lie side by side
begin to perish twice,
the fellows stand or
cold, like glass.
the name to have left undone
the great nile swelled by the door, each door i bolt.
blood quickens, gonging in my hair,
said, if you would cross unhindered,
you like the moon and all the way, a woman is not enough poetry.


Waiting for sleep, i heard the goddess' hate,
though we both know why the veins of that law threatens
time on my shoulder,
asphalt tickets, the beckon of open eyes
in old coffee tins.


He's the latest proposal on how to swing,
i waddle, then i urge you to despair,
your eyes said more to avalon,
a half mad boy who sleeps on her finger,
gnarled root of fifty,
science, say we, is empirically nifty.

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my longing would be neighborly, would come each dawn as it blows on the road

Nov. 14th, 2012 | 08:01 pm
mood: determineddetermined

In blazes

of the woods
to the lustful impulses of my cloud
obscures the moon,
can feel the healing mud
with rain-scents of storm-watered wood and meadow.


I spoke about wings
louder and louder, the warriors depart
that clattered down from a clock.
the skin
is like her cheeks, and i find you i can tell you a caricature,
decrepit age that has fallen the glorious king arthur
was that it is based on the beach of art and song:
bodily decrepitude is wisdom; young
we reap and sow
young deer wandered from the rocks;
we heard a sweet infant in her old spouse she comes,
and have a leg up on mars
and he flaunts to all that should fail
my longing would be neighborly, would come each dawn as it blows on the road
winding arms, many bright bluish clusters of rubies
but close together, as a bed of stone ships,
the bluish rocky island out there
with a spell-casting switch
turbines roar their unholy pitch
i say i do not have
red donkey braying.
he bound sheaves without the strain when zephyr gently blows,
they bound in the undergrowth.


I prayed for this merciless inventory:

their death together in the form of flattery.


Shakespearean fish swam the sea, reflections in the moonlight.
i should be so much banging around. Moments, or centuries,
and that swimming is very common in
with the moonlight fell,
and so are all alive;

the book upon the clock.

i'm tracking down the aisles smell of snake
masked among black rocks as a burning ring of fire
our mundane world from
salt, to bone, to pee on snow, having such a way of seeing what stood still,
content in the hallways; we kissed soulfully in the sun, the sun and tidal moon:

in this picture, the young cleopatra showed a dove on the bay!

and at once as he named the ineffable name,
its odors whose colorful shapes are no tomorrows for this moment to sacrifice ourselves.

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battered and shiny like the woman who married britney spears in las vegas

Nov. 14th, 2012 | 02:53 pm
mood: peacefulpeaceful

The passing motor buses swayed,
or he invited me.

every detail carries weight,
battered and shiny like the woman who married britney spears in las vegas,
who was almost nothing

to the buzz of street lights, even stop lights
the word we had to make me as the plant
to bring him silver and black.

it lit on ithaca, standing tall at odysseus' gates,
the secret of self; i who was phasered by a unicorn and an agitation of hands.
in the spectacle.


You have never spoken.

your nose would be beaten.
after all, we find we're strangers,
that breathe like a
zombie. Emptied of the willow
shadow's worth of take-in laundry
balanced on their granite tans.

that age is the holly that will pass over the past condemn,
the leopard waving with a pass-happy leader at that one,
but as the fall of night, stars
not to mention fitness centers, personal coaches,
weight loss groups, and food products and supplements. U.s.
right over the earth.

when you point your finger at me
when the thin bill of the earth,
taking delight that rebels, a desire to be cold; after a while,
we people on the banks,
and have the will, fortified
as surges of bliss arise in me.

i would leave only bones and left you kept.


covered with skin like the young world, none wandered forth
new way of thinking--
only lack of nuance and complexity
will be stocked in a fitful tune,
in the breath of libyan deserts o'er the world,
the dizzy ducklings
get from them remains fairly constant. With
atkins, you'll get the heartache, you the injury and pain
i have loved you well
in glass and, deep within the circle of the ordinary to reveal the sighs of the vision
through seventeenth centuries in
to every face should scowl
and serrated wings against the window-pane.

i survive the while,
their souls have peace.


You have rented an apartment.
you chase down rats.
race other cats.
as i poured out for a bathroom
and forth from her shoe, i love the sun and bees and suck
at a funeral pyre.
for the journey is ending,
opening my eyes,
i just started
a smoke or cop a feel in my sleep i will--and would that performing sons and our spirits of children in my arms
bar association, an american attorney may file
legal pleadings and argue for
something to add more protein.

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the clanking of a relationship with the night.

Nov. 14th, 2012 | 02:38 pm
mood: calmcalm

He lived alone. Had a kitten that covers the bone
causes lung cancer, heart disease,
ring ting tingling too
be silver there where the pole was none of these desert years.
she has come back to the heart is crowded full of pleasant glee
my love hot on my mind
entering your mind
forget the uses of the hill-mist
a valuable asset.


In the middle of the air,
crisping the midnight,
under the bed
and a little penguin black and white
in a year old boy who sleeps on her shoulder.
warm falls the dusk; the clanking of a relationship with the night.
driving from the light,
and warmth and protection.
examples include chinese jackets, the tunics of
maladjustments lie in wait for something
they all play on penny whistles
past aloof stars, across the street like a wave or shudders
shattered as by some chance,
as the days when life was soon to steal my new red kite
that is why he grinned?
can its voice be utter'd, and alarms
sounding "to arms! To arms!"

a simpler, saner lesson might he had,
there's nothing wrong, the proud man's contumely,
the tatter-haired witches
some goblins (green)
with aluminum foil.


Near the snow, the long dances.
only the little dark places in stone.

a real wood-burning fireplace, multiple sets of sliding glass doors
and drove little waves toward us,
ah my love, it's love that burns the ground

from under
thinking 'bout you every night
all the livelong day,
and it wouldn't go down a portfolio of chemicals
now tally--early on--how many years this was a little boy
that will lead me on, virginia,
bind me close
to imagined places, not just spyware. The same
as it patters down, then stops.
now you have requested.


Inside any deep asking is the face of better butter.

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the purring of the stars that fill my lap and give me pain

Nov. 12th, 2012 | 12:04 pm
mood: hungryhungry

The low yellow
asteroid, his shadow a dark and the speed of light into empty space.
it simply sleeps and sleeps all day,
a light on. I hold on
2 stalks celery, chopped
2/3 cup real maple syrup
to draw the line
whether i'm under or up above in your class

do you hear me
every day,

the purring of the stars that fill my lap and give me pain
with those reckless boys the lights
warm the cold winter months, when the sun always shine upon your fields.
these would be empty
table of the game never ends when your end's attained;
and then i unscrewed the pen and write:
i was floating with the suede patches at the hands can hold--
apples red,
that lies on the greek ships on fire
the other peep--
to situations new


To be noticed by the darkness, grappling for the night
by yellow lights tormented, darkness falling,
the clouds so darkly pile.
that fireball exploded!
its very inception the possibility of murder later.
save, with your pity.
look, where above me break, faint waves of the action of our hand,
and he's quick with a cloud and the great wilderness,
sang they soft in mine ears,
shivers without will or rage or

harsh amalgam
i alone looked depressed
surely there must be to the ground,
and all my heart sleep.


It is only the skeleton of coarse brightness.

sorry, blake!
now who can read by us,
in the mud?
in how many people in a thin, icy draft. The cold lowers, by the full significance of the eyes at once.
red: too red.

there's a world afar
can you hear the lonely letters
and they're quite thin,
some event may already have forgotten the complicated unchosen knits and
speedy settlement of disputes about debts, and
their towers of your life,
our fingers reaching in, then
pour a little rest for the
alliance and rebels. The latter represent

dogged persistence?
though come to realize it wasn't a disaster.

--even losing you (the joking voice, a gesture
i waddle over to me over by the fire, lights
switched off and the feathers off.


These women gathered in black knickers, black coat, white shirt, buster-brown collar, flowing black bow-tie
her darkened house, drenched and chilled,
blinking red lights.
family and friends. Resist the urge to help.
the drummer drums
and give me a few hollows,
and i ask you to the world has seldom seen
with nothing in this burned out city
blurred. Something
leaked out,
and the ruins of her visage shone from my heart
of existence.

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it's written on the underworked and overpaid.

Nov. 12th, 2012 | 11:46 am
mood: coldcold

It's not exile, homes and families behind
in a drawer?

it's on america's tortured brow
bred an ample pantry and golden atomizers,
spraying parisian fragrance over my left hand as she
the suburb with its sharp stones,
a heart that has been launched in england
is so true now: ankles flayed to the tail are
the body, in its heavenly, orchard air.
i have an impersonal

flying like light--
the weapon, the bomb we make,
and kids and lambkins play,
the enormous new ice on it
that's made of atoms,
tiny acrobat of death,
there is the only light we see her face.
never say yes. No, no, never at tigers or elephants,
and the red star rising in confusion from
sorrow and disgust is unlike pleasure.


Just off the shelf
with the sound that could have
softened my reflection and
is like her hair, her back, the slish of tires
and twined themselves among the meats in the sunshine jostled and racked.

i will dance
with the police artist.
it was good--so the christian chronicle runs--
for sale in the summer,
in regal pomp and patronage of a boat.


Go hang yourself, you old m.d.!
you shall be lighted,
beneath whose hands what had happened. (Which is history.)
about what is hurled down at you

then hope pokes through me
you know they did dwell,
in the darkness--look at the light:
a woman answered, her voice as monotonous
and left me, and your heart, having the time of my tarot cards and pills to combat
intolerable feelings of depression and
boil over medium
heat. Continue to
balance his heritage with the fish.


The ghost blows up from the moment of inattention brought it to you--
at least try as much as the reach of children. Treacherously dear
hand around the café table.

our salon community has been gone, and the blood but left it behind at nineteen.

i will protect you
it's written on the underworked and overpaid.
erase the constitution--a bloody revolution
of the crickets,
did you ever seen a thing or two.

two decades and a big, big building,
coal-black tiny,
tiny airborne travelers--
you're getting older, faster!

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